About Me

Little River Pottery is the art of Amber Ridley Bushman.

           I live and work in my home studio northwest of Macomb, Oklahoma, about a mile north of the Little River. I work on the pottery wheel and also hand build with slabs and coils. I am currently firing at cone 5 in an electric kiln because the method can deliver bright colors and clean and consistent results. I use mostly commercial glazes in a variety of rich jewel tones. In my current body of work, my surface designs are done with slip trailing. This is a method on drawing with slip onto the surface of a wet pot using a squeeze bottle. Its similar to decorating a cake, or cookies with royal icing. In fact, when I first began making these designs I was using cake decorating tips as my slip trailers and using skills learned in a cake decorating class. 
            I started working with clay in 2011. Before, I had worked in graphic design and found that I didn't enjoy sitting in front of a computer all day and that I was always happiest working with my hands. I bought myself a used kiln and a box of clay and  started tinkering, and just never stopped. A hobby turned into too many pots to keep and, too many to give away and so I started selling my work at craft shows and small events in 2014.  In August of 2021 I opened my shop (with my new studio in the back)  in Shawnee, Oklahoma at 719 East Main Street.